Feminist Studies Major Requirements

Feminist Studies majors must complete 10 courses and a senior comprehensive exit requirement in the feminist studies program (as noted below). All students are required to select a concentration within the major from the following:

  • 1 - Culture, Power, and Representation
  • 2 - Law, Politics, and Social Change
  • 3 - Science, Technology, and Medicine
  • 4 - Sexuality Studies.

A proposal for an independent concentration will be approved only when the student presents a clear, coherent, and rigorous plan of study that does not fit the existing concentrations. Both the student's faculty advisor and the Feminist Studies Department Chair must approve the proposal for an independent concentration.

Requirements for the Feminist Studies Major:

  • Three core courses must be taken at UCSC
    • FMST 1, Feminism Studies: An Introduction
    • One FMST 10-40 or another lower-division course taught by Feminist Studies Affiliated Faculty (refer to the Department Directory).
    • FMST 100, Feminist Theories
  • Five additional upper-division courses in the student's chosen concentration
  • Two additional upper-division electives from among the other concentrations
  • One senior exit requirement. Choices include a senior seminar taught by a Feminist Studies core faculty, writing a senior thesis, or producing a senior project. Check the senior exit requirement page for specific guidelines.

Because feminist studies is an interdisciplinary major and lists courses taught by affiliated faculty in other departments, feminist studies majors must take a minimum of five courses at UCSC taught directly in the Feminist Studies Department, i.e., courses designated FMST, not including internships or tutorials (FMST 193/198 or 199).

One five-unit individual study tutorial (FMST 199) can be used to fulfill a FMST major concentration or elective requirement, and one five-unit internship can be used to fulfill a FMST major elective requirement. Subsequent individual studies/internships can be used to obtain credit towards graduation, but not towards the major.  This process is initiated by contacting a FMST faculty member for sponsorship.

Two EAP courses may count towards the major; three transfer courses may count towards the major; and the total combined number of EAP and transfer courses that may count towards the major is a maximum of three.

Letter Grade Requirement
Letter grades are required for 10 of the 11 courses applied toward the feminist studies major, including course 100 and the senior comprehensive course (194 or 195).

All Feminist Studies majors are expected to attend occasional meetings during the year, at which matters of general concern to all majors are discussed.