Undergraduate Advising for Feminist Studies

Advisor: Anne Eickelberg

Summer 2022 advising will be remote via zoom and email.

Zoom Appointments are available Monday - Thursday

If you can't find any times that work for you, please email me and we'll figure out a time that does work. :)

You can schedule an appointment by clicking here.    Please read this:

After you schedule the appointment, you will receive a confirmation email from Slug Success, AND I will also send you an invite with a zoom link - you will be able to see that appointment and link on your google calendar. Please email me if you don't see it. 

If you have not yet declared FMST, you will need to select either "Exploring a Major/Minor"; "Declare or Qualify"; or "Declaring/Adding/Changing a Major/Minor" as the reason for the meeting from the dropdown menu in order to see my available times.


If you just have a quick question, email FMST Undergraduate Advisor Anne Eickelberg at aeickelb@ucsc.edu