Funding Opportunities

Feminist Studies majors are eligible to apply for the following awards. For a more extensive list of scholarship and award options, visit the UCSC Financial Aid Web site.


21st Century Feminist Scholarship

The 21st century feminist scholars endowment supports the pursuits of new and rising scholars in the field of feminist studies.  Every year, the department awards 2-3 scholarships in amounts ranging from $300 to $1,000 to support independent research, research-related travel, or experiential learning.

The call for this scholarship typically is sent out via email in Winter quarter.

Recipients of scholarships will be asked to write a brief, 1-2 page report on their experience.  This letter will be shared with donors to demonstrate the impact of the endowment, and may be shared via the Feminist Studies Newsletter and/or website.  We encourage 21st Century Scholars to also share photos, as appropriate.

The Bettina Aptheker Award for Research or Community Service on Sexual, Gendered, and Racial Violence

Bettina Aptheker, Distinguished Professor Emerita of Feminist Studies, is one of UC Santa Cruz's legendary professors.  A radical feminist, political activist, UCSC alumna, and history scholar with a national reputation, Professor Aptheker has reached over 16,000 students through teaching in the department.  In honor of and as an extension of her legacy, Professor Aptheker established an endowment that supports students whose research, work, or community service relates to sexual, gendered, and/or racial violence.

Currently the call for applications for this award is emailed to FMST grad students and to FMST undergraduate students on an every other year rotating basis in Winter or Spring quarter.

THI Undergraduate Research Fellowships (formerly Hugra Award)

The THI Undergraduate Research Fellowships support and encourage undergraduate research in the humanities. Up to 10 awards in the amount of $500 each are given each year. There are no constraints on the expenditure of the stipend. The top proposal receives the Bertha N. Melkonian prize, an additional $500. Any project involving research within or including any of the humanities disciplines is eligible for consideration. Proposals must be for research to be performed during the academic year. Proposals will be judged on the basis of:a) intellectual substance, b) promise of results, c) preparation of applicant, and d) feasibility. Application includes:

I) 1-3 page research proposal, describing the research problem to be addressed, what will be done in the project, and what end product (e.g. research paper, senior thesis, project report) is expected. A timetable should be included.
II) Application form (See the bottom of the webpage).
III) A letter of support from a faculty sponsor addressing items a) through d) above. Faculty sponsors should send letters of support directly to The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the letter of support is submitted by the deadline.

Past participants and projects can be seen here.  

Contact: Irena Polic

Strauss Foundation Award

Fourteen $10,000 scholarships are awarded each year to junior class-level California university juniors interested in public service. Check the Strauss Foundation website for more information.

Dean’s, Chancellor’s and Steck Awards

To encourage and stimulate outstanding scholarship and creativity among undergraduate students, the Deans of the five academic divisions at UCSC annually award fifty undergraduates (ten from each division) the Dean's Undergraduate Award with a cash prize of $100 for outstanding achievement in their division. The projects must be based on work developed in courses or programs in the normal pattern of academic activity at UCSC. Of the Deans' awardees, the top three from each division are awarded the Chancellor's Undergraduate Award with an additional cash prize of $100. Of the Chancellor's awardees, the most outstanding research project from a graduating senior receives the Steck Award with an additional cash prize of $1,000. Completed projects and applications are due to the faculty sponsor’s department in early April. Guidelines and application forms are available starting in mid-January from the offices of the Chancellor, Divisions, Departments, and Colleges. Check the Humanities Division website for more information.

Sabrina Greenfield Memorial Award

This award is in honor of Feminist Studies major, Sabrina Greenfield.  Her friends and family wish to acknowledge and remember her life and dedication to social justice through this award.  This award is based on academic merit and financial aid, and is open to College Ten undergraduates at the sophomore, junior, or senior level who are majoring in Feminist Studies.

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