Declaring the Feminist Studies Major

To declare the Feminist Studies major:

  1. For a single major, complete and sign your section of the Petition for Major Declaration form
  2. Make a copy of the FMST AcadPlan/Major Requirements worksheet and save it in your google drive. Please note that there are two separate sheets on separate tabs (look at the very bottom of the sheet to find this). Sheet one is the Academic Planner, sheet two is the FMST Major Requirements Worksheet.  DO NOT TYPE INTO THE ORIGINALS - MAKE A COPY AND SAVE TO YOUR DRIVE.  Fill both of these out to the best of your ability.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the content of this Web site (especially the Undergraduate section) then schedule an appointment with Department Advisor Anne Eickelberg via the Slug Success app to review your curriculum plan and officially declare the major. If you have issues making an appointment with Slug Success please email Anne Eickelberg for help.
  4. For a double major or major/minor, follow the above steps 1-3, but you will also need to schedule an advising session with each department so each advisor can review and approve your academic plan and sign off on your major declaration form.
  5. If your proposed program exceeds your Expected Graduation Term (EGT), you must visit your college for review and approval of Extension of Enrollment.