Did you know that Feminist Studies majors can get FMST credit from Study Abroad courses?

Feminist Studies majors are strongly encouraged to consider enriching their time at UCSC with Study Abroad opportunities. International classes are an exciting chance to broaden and deepen your feminist education by bringing questions around gender, sexuality, and social justice into dialog with different regions, nations, and cultures around the world.

Are you interested in studying in Australia, Botswana, Brazil, or the Czech Republic? Check out the list of FMST-approved Study Abroad classes offered at colleges around the globe. This list is being updated with more approved courses from more countries on an ongoing basis, so be sure to keep checking back! 

Students can use up to three approved Study Abroad courses to fulfill Feminist Studies upper division elective requirements. Review the Feminist Studies major requirements here, and refer to these two- and four- year academic planners for examples of how to incorporate international classes into your UCSC curriculum. 



 Follow these steps to receive FMST credit for Study Abroad courses: 

  1. Visit the UCSC Global Learning website to create your profile.
  2. After you create your profile, visit Global Learning advising to learn about the application process and application deadlines.
  3. Make a list of the courses you’re interested in, including potential alternate courses, and search the Global Learning website to see when the courses you’re interested in will be offered. 
  4. Make an appointment with Feminist Studies advising. Even if Study Abroad courses are on the FMST approved list, it’s important to be sure they fit into your schedule and best serve your academic progress.
  5. Return to the Global Learning site and follow the instructions to apply and get approval.  

What if I’m interested in a course that isn’t on the FMST approved courses list? 

You can petition for a  course to fulfill FMST credit. Fill out the petition form and email it along with the course syllabus and/or a detailed course description (if syllabus is not available) to FMST advising.