Designated Emphasis

The Feminist Studies Department offers a designated emphasis in Feminist Studies for Ph.D. students. Designed as a complement to Ph.D. programs, this designated emphasis provides opportunities for interdisciplinary study with Feminist Studies faculty. Completion of the program will be listed on the graduate degree as a Designated Emphasis in Feminist Studies.

When to apply: Students are encouraged to apply in the first or second year of graduate study.

How to apply: Complete the Application for the DE and submit to the FMST Graduate Coordinator at

Requirements: The following are required for the designated emphasis:

1. Committee Composition
The student must have a designated graduate advisor from Feminist Studies faculty who serves on the qualifying exam committee or in some other appropriate capacity.

2. Writing
The student must prepare a significant piece of writing in the area of feminist studies. This writing may be a master's essay, or a chapter of the doctoral dissertation.

3. Course Requirements
The student must take four (4) graduate courses in feminist studies: two (2) of which must be taught directly in the FMST department and two seminars selected from among the graduate offerings of any UCSC department, so long as they are taught by core or affiliated Feminist Studies faculty. An annually updated list of regularly offered, approved graduate courses is available at

Courses on relevant topics not taught by Feminist Studies faculty or affiliates may be approved by petition to the FMST Graduate Committee. Please contact the FMST Graduate Coordinator ( for more information on the process.

Courses: Graduate coursework in feminist studies is available in the Feminist Studies Department and in other departments. Graduate courses in Feminist Studies include:

FMST 200 Feminist Theories, offered by Gina Dent
FMST 201 Topics in Feminist Methodologies, offered by Anjali Arondekar
FMST 202 Disciplining Knowledge, offered by Neda Atanasoski
FMST 203 Feminist Pedagogies, offered by Bettina Aptheker
FMST 204 Ethnographic Writing and Social Documentation, offered by Marcia Ochoa
FMST 207 Topics in Queer/Race Studies, offered by Anjali Arondekar
FMST 208 African(a) Genders and Sexualities, offered by Xavier Livermon
FMST 209 Comparative Empires: Gender, Slavery, Race, offered by Anjali Arondekar
FMST 211 Sexuality, Race and Migration in the Americas, offered by Felicity Amaya Schaeffer
FMST 212 Feminist Theory and the Law, offered by Gina Dent
FMST 214 Topics in Feminist Science Studies, offered by Karen Barad
FMST 215 Postcolonial and Postsocialist Transactional Analytics, offered by Neda Atanasoski
FMST 216 Archives/Genders/Histories An Introduction, offered by Anjali Arondekar
FMST 218 Militarism and Tourism, offered by Jenny Kelly
FMST 222 Religion, Feminism and Sexual Politics, offered by Neda Atanasoski
FMST 232 Topics in Postcolonial Studies, offered by Madhavi Murty
FMST 243 Feminism, Race, and the Politics of Knowledge, offered by Nick Mitchell
FMST 245 Race and Representation, offered by Jennifer Gonzalez
FMST 260 Black Feminist Reconstruction, offered by Bettina Aptheker
FMST 264 The Idea of Africa, offered by Gina Dent
FMST 268A/B Science and Justice: Experiments in Collaboration, offered by Karen Barad and Jennifer Reardon

For more information re: the designated emphasis, please contact the FMST Graduate Coordinator (

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