Degree Requirements

The Doctoral Degree Requirements in Feminist Studies are as follows:

  • Students take a total of twelve graduate courses that will include three required courses and nine additional elective courses.  Advancement to candidacy requires a language exam to prove proficiency in a second language and a Ph.D. Qualifying Examination.  The degree will be granted after the Ph.D. Dissertation is approved by the student’s dissertation committee. Students will take their qualifying exams by their fourth year, and finish their dissertation by the end of their seventh year. 
  • In addition, in order to gain experience in Feminist Pedagogy, Ph.D. students will complete at least three teaching assisstantships (or a combination of teaching fellowships and assistantships) under the mentorship of faculty in the Feminist Studies Department. 
  • Ph.D. students are expected to take the three core courses (200, 201, 202) during their first two years. These courses will be scheduled in the fall and winter quarters on a two-year cycle.  
  • A mandatory second year review will determine which students will be permitted to proceed in the program.  
  • Graduate students will be expected to take at least two 5-unit graduate courses per quarter until they are advanced to candidacy, at which time students are expected to enroll in one 5-unit course.  Throughout the program, students should also enroll in a 2-unit advising course with their faculty advisor or committee chair.