Degree Requirements

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The Ph.D Requirements in Feminist Studies are as follows:

  • Students take a total of twelve graduate courses that will include three required courses and nine additional elective courses. 
    • Ph.D. students are expected to take the three core courses (200, 201, 202) during their first two years. FMST 200 and 201 will be taken consecutively in the Fall and Winter quarters of the first year, while FMST 202 will be offered in the Spring of the second year. 
    • Elective courses may be taken in Feminist Studies (FMST) as well as in other departments.
  • FMST 290, a 2-unit pedagogy training course, is to be taken prior to and/or in conjunction with the first teaching assistant appointment.
  • Throughout the program, students should also enroll in a 2-unit advising course with their faculty advisor or committee chair.
  • Students must demonstrate proficiency in a second language prior to Advancement to Candidacy.  
  • Students are expected to take the Qualifying Examination by the end of their third year.  The QE consists of a written portion (qualifying essays and dissertation prospectus) and oral examination.
  • A revised dissertation prospectus is due to the department by the end of the quarter following the QE exam.  
  • The degree will be granted after the Ph.D. Dissertation is approved by the student’s dissertation committee.