Graduate Program

In addition to our Designated Emphasis Program we are pleased to be announcing
the Ph.D. in Feminist Studies at UC Santa Cruz.

Ph.D. in Feminist Studies at UC Santa Cruz – Located in the Humanities, Feminist Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide advanced training in feminist theories and methods.  Approaching feminist engagement as relevant to the broadening and reassessment of a full range of areas of academic inquiry, the program’s focus is on challenging existing disciplinary boundaries and fostering a reconsideration of the relationships between knowledge, power, and expertise.  An ongoing concern with epistemology is balanced with an emphasis on problem-based research areas that nourish both intellectual and social transformation.  As a collaborative, cross-divisional enterprise, the Feminist Studies Ph.D. draws on the strengths of a range of feminist scholars, departments, and programs across the University.

The Department's inaugural cohort started in Fall 2013. Applications open every year, through the Graduate Division, on October 1st and close on December 15th for admission the following Fall.  Applicants who are interested in the Feminist Studies PhD Program are strongly encouraged to consult with one or more faculty in the area(s) of their interest.

Social Justice, Sexuality Studies, Postcolonial Theory, Transnational Feminism, Science & Technology Studies, Critical Race Theory, Feminist Critical Race Studies, Film Studies, Cultural Studies, Transgender Studies, Critical Prison Studies, Post-Socialism

Through the UCSC FMST Designated Emphasis, it is also possible to enter a program in a traditional field and specialize in women/gender/feminist studies.