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Lisbeth Haas
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    • Professor Emerita
  • Division Humanities Division
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    • History Department
  • Affiliations Latin American & Latino Studies, Feminist Studies Department, Dolores Huerta Research Center for the Americas
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    • 1156 High Street
    • Santa Cruz CA 95064
  • Faculty Areas of Expertise Indigenous Peoples, Border Studies, Colonialism, Chicana/o Studies, California History, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, Feminist Studies
  • Courses HIS 80N Gender, Labor, Feminist Productions; HIS 125, California History; His 125A Indigenous California; HIS 190F, Research Seminar in the Americas; HIS 190H, History and Theory; HIS 190I, California and the Borderlands; HIS 205, Diaspora and World History; HIS 221, Empires and New Nations in the Americas; HIS 126 The Colonial Borderlands of U.S. and Mexico

Summary of Expertise

Saints and Citizens: Indigenous Histories of Colonial Missions and Mexican California, 1750-1850 (UC Press, 2014.)
2011 Pablo Tac, Indigenous Scholar Writing on Luiseño Language and Colonial History, c 1840 (Berkeley: UC Press, 2011)
1995 Conquests and Historical Identities in California, 1769-1936 University of California Press (Paperback Editions in 1986 and 1988)
1981 The Bracero in Orange County: A Work Force for Economic Transition, Working Papers, 13 La Jolla: Institute of U.S.-Mexican Studies

Chapters in Books
Chapters in Book
2012 “Fear in Colonial California and along the Borderlands”, chapter 4 in Facing Fear: The History of an Emotion in Global Perspective, ed. Michael Laffan and Max Weiss (Princeton: Princeton University Press)
2011 “California and the Borderlands: A Multiethnic Place that Lives Quietly in the Archives” Proceedings from the Sesquicentennial Symposium of Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley
2010 “Raise Your Sword and I Will Eat You”: Luiseño Scholar Pablo Tac” in Steven Hackel, ed., Alta California: Peoples Motion, Identities in Formation, 1769-1850 (Berkeley, University of California Press and The Huntington Library, 2010): 79-110.
2005 “Indigenous Ethnic and Interethnic Relations in the Spanish/Mexican Borderlands: The Chumash Revolt” in Ada Savin, Journey into Otherness: Essays in North American History, Culture, and Literature (Amsterdam: VU University Press):135-148
2005 “Pablo Tac: Memory, Identity, History” in Emendatio: James Luna, (Washington, D.C.:
Smithsonian Institute)
2005 “Them” in Shock and Awe: War on Words Bregje von Eekelen, Jenifer Gonzalez, Betina Stotzer, Anna Tsing (2007)
2002 Pablo Tac and other Interpreters of Culture” in Boyhood in America ed. Jackie Reinier, ABC-CLIO (4 pp)
2002 “Conflicts and Cultures in the West, l780-1880” in Nancy Hewitt, ed., A Companion to American Women’s History (Malden, Ma.: Blackwell): 132-149
2000 “Modesta Avila vs. the Railroad and Other Stories about Conquest, Resistance, and Village Life” in Culture and Society in Dialogue: Chicana Literary and Artistic Expressions, ed. María Herrera-Sobek (Santa Barbara: Chicano Studies Publications): 21-40
1998 “War in California, 1846-1848” Contested Eden: California Before the Gold Rush, Ramón Gutiérrez, Richard Orsi, eds. (University of California Press, 1998): 331-355
1998 “El Barrio” and “Urbanization” The Reader’s Companion to U.S. Women’s History , ed. by Wilma Mankiller, et. al. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1998): 55, 597-98.
1996 “Performing History: el Teatro and the barrio” in Genevieve Fabre and Catherine Lejeune, eds. Cultures de la Rue: Les barrios d’Amérique du Nord (Paris: Cahiers Charles V, 1996): 63-75
1991 “La Relación entre la protesta colectiva y el espacio social del barrio, 1890-1930,” Culturas Hispanas en los Estados Unidos (Madrid: Ediciones de Cultura Hispana): 229-238.
1991 “Grass-Roots Protest and the Politics of Planning: Santa Ana, 1976-88” in Kling, Rob, Spencer Olin and Mark Poster, eds. Postsuburban California (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1991): 254-280.
1987 “Argentine Labor Movements” in Latin American Labor Movements, S. Maram and G. Greenfield, eds. (Westport: Greenwood Press): 1-24.

Journal Articles
Journal Articles
2008 “The Power of a Humanist” Expressions/Impressions, vo. 5, Fall, 2008, 88-92
2005 “Pablo Tac and the Subversive Power of the Translator” News from Native California (Spring)
2004 “Symposium on James Sandos’ Conquering California” Commentary and Response (Fall, 2004) in Boletín: The Journal of the California Mission Studies Association, 21 (2, 2004): 63-65, 71-72.
2003 “Emancipation and the Meaning of Freedom in Mexican California” Boletín: The Journal of the California Mission Studies Association, 20 (1, 2003): 11-22
1998 “War in California, 1846-1848” California History, v. LXXVI, 2/3 (Summer and Fall, 1997): 331-355 (same article published as a chapter in the book Contested Eden)
1995 “San Juan Capistrano: A Rural Society in Transition to Citrus” California History v. LXXIV, 1, Spring: 46-57
1990 “What is an American? The Pluralist Society Reconsidered,” Journal of Orange County Studies 3/4, Fall 1989/Spring 1990: 9-12.
1979 “Marcuse: Por Qué su preocupación con la Estetica?” Siempre! September

Research Interests

Local histories of globalization
Indigenous histories of California
Subaltern scholars and their writing and painting
Spanish colonial and Mexican California
The Borderlands, especially the U.S. and Mexico
The Colonial Americas
California Studies
Glabal Histories of Race, Ethnicity, and Diaspora
Gendered Stories

Biography, Education and Training

1986 Ph.D. in History, University of California, Irvine
1982-83 École Normal Superior, rue d’Ulm, and École Des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, France
1975 B.A. in History, University of California, San Diego

Honors, Awards and Grants

2012 Dwight L. Smith Award for the book Pablo Tac: Indigenous Scholar,” Western History Association
2007-2016 Re-Appointed Distinguished Lecturer for the Organization of American Historians
2009-10 Keynote Speaker for the Sesquicentennial Symposium of Bancroft Library
2009 COR Special Research Grant
2007-08 Fellowship from the Davis Center for the Study of History, Princeton University
2007 Keynote Speaker (Distinguished Alumnae) for the Humanities Graduation at the University of California, Irvine
2006 MEXUS Research Grant
1997 Elliot Rudwick Prize for the book Conquests and Historical Identities, Organization of American Historians
1993-94 Fellowship at the Humanities Research Institute (Minority Discourse Group) University of California, Irvine (Winter and Spring)
1980-81 Rotary Scholarship

2011-12 Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program, Chicano Latino Research Center
2009-2010 Special Research Grant, COR, University of California, Santa Cruz
2006 Recovering U.S. Hispanic Religious Thought and Practice Grant, University of Houston
2006 MEXUS Research Grant, UC-system-wide
2006 Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program, Chicano Latino Research Center
2004 Institute for Humanities Research grant
2002 Institute for Humanities Research Fellowship, Fall Quarter
2002 Chicano-Latino Curriculum Fellowship, UCSC
2001 MEXUS Research Grant, UC-system-wide
2000-01 University of California President’s Fellowship
2000-01 Mellon Foundation Fellowship at the Huntington Library
1998-99 Huntington Library Haynes Fellowship
1997-98 Instructional Improvement Grant, University of California, Santa Cruz
1995-98 Faculty Senate Research Grant, University of California, Santa Cruz
1994-95 MEXUS Research Grant, UC-system-wide
1992-93 MEXUS Research Grant, UC-system-wide
1990-87 MEXUS Travel and Acquisition Grant, University of California, System-wide
1988-89 National Endowment for the Humanities, Travel to Collections Grant
1984-85 Chicano/Mexico Research Grant (twice granted)
1981-82 Humanities Research Grant, University of California, System-wide
1981-82 Chancellor’s Research Grant, University of California, Irvine

Selected Publications

Selected Presentations

  • http://lectures.oah.org/lecturers/lecturer.html?id=136 OAH Distinguished Lectureship Program appointment
  • http://youtu.be/mlPBMjE0cQ8 Keynote, Bancroft Symposium

Teaching Interests

History and Theory Seminar
Labor History: Women, Gender, Race
California History
Southwest and Borderlands History
The Colonial Americas
Research in the Americas Seminar
American Empire
Indigenous History