Announcement of Candidacy

A note to all majors: You are encouraged to schedule an appointment with Department Advisor Nicolette Czarrunchick for a graduation check of your major requirements in the first quarter of your senior year. This allows time to complete all requirements by the projected graduation quarter.

File an Announcement of Candidacy at the Registrar's office at the beginning of the quarter you plan to graduate. Deadlines for 2013-2014 are:

  • Fall Quarter - October 25
  • Winter Quarter - February 3
  • Spring Quarter - April 30
  • Summer Quarter - August 1

Students who apply after the deadline are billed a $40 late application fee. If you do not graduate in the quarter for which you announced, you must re-file for the updated graduation quarter.

Senior Celebration - The Feminist Studies Department hosts an annual celebration, which includes presentations by graduating seniors and a reception. Feminist Studies seniors, other majors, faculty, graduate students, teaching assistants, and family and friends of graduating Feminist Studies seniors are invited. Check the News and Events section of this website in mid-May for details.