Radical Research: FMST Undergrad Research Symposium

May 02, 2023


Feminist Scholars present their work at the first FMST Undergrad Research Symposium 

On Friday, May 19, the UCSC Feminist Studies department presents Radical Research – the first Feminist Studies Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Happening 10 am to 1 pm at Namaste Lounge, the Symposium is an opportunity for FMST Undergrads to share their work with peers throughout UCSC.

In the spirit of activism that is key to the feminist ethos, the Symposium will showcase the broad range of FMST undergrads' inter-sectional research projects. FMST seniors will make live presentations, and poster presentations also will be on display, showcasing the work of FMST juniors, sophomores, frosh, and non-majors that foregrounds questions central to the discipline of feminist studies. 

FMST Visiting Professor Amy Krauss and FMST graduate Trio Harris (Class of 2016) will present keynote talks. And a host of tabling organizations will be on hand, from Planned Parenthood to the Cantu Queer Center and COVE. And we’ll have nibbles throughout the symposium. 

Check out the full schedule below (subject to change). And come see what the feminists are doing! 

Radical Research
FMST Undergrad Research Symposium
MAY 19 ::  10am - 1pm at Namaste Lounge

10:00      Opening remarks by undergraduate student reps, Avery Miller Shevelev, Aaliyah Balangue, and Ann Niland

10:10      Ann Niland – Racial Semiotics, Violence, & the Empathetic Mirror Neuron as Science Fiction is Translated to Screen

10:20      Yitong Lei – Decolonial Chinatown: What’s at Stake in Anti-Gentrification Movements

10:30      Lesley Moran – Indigenous Family Relations

10:40      Marissa Guzman – The Feminisation of an Economic Crisis: The Impact of the Special Period on Gender Roles and Gender Formations in Cuba

10:50      Vann Jones – What to Expect When He's Expecting: A Tour of the First Complete Online Guide to Transmasculine Reproduction 

11:00-11:10 BREAK 

11:10      Ashley Marshall & Maria R. Hele – Re-Membering Motherhood: Transforming Our Futures through Reassembling the Iconicity of the Mother

11:20      Kaya Stark – The Perilous Nature of the Iconic Feminine Body

11:30      Abi St. Andrew – Abortion as a Means of Control: Who Is Really Affected by the Banning of Abortion?

11:40      Kayla Ybarra – Don't Look Down: The Carcerality of The U.S. Foster Care System

11:50-12:00   BREAK 

12:00      FMST Professor Amy Krauss

12:15      Trio Harris (Class of 2016), Restorative Justice Facilitator, Oakland Unified School District

12.30      Debrief session moderated by Avery Miller Shevelev - What are the pressing issues for Feminist Studies today?

Poster presentations

Margarida Costa (FMST Senior) – Exercises in Empathy: A Transformative Prison-Exchange Program

Millie Montoya (FMST Senior) – Labor, Love, and Mothering: The Politics and Power of Latina Motherhood

Aidee Keyes (FMST Junior) – Beyond the Gendered Burden of Nuclear Motherhood

Aaliyah Balangue (FMST Sophomore) – Inheriting Mama: A Cross Cultural Analysis on Motherhood, Poverty, and US Imperialism in Nicaragua

Annika Kate Bastin – (FMST Sophomore) – Life History Project and Black Feminist Analysis on Ziwerekoru Fumudoh

Avery Miller Shevelev (FMST Sophomore) – The Age of Only Fans 

Participating organizations

Planned Parenthood

UCSC Women’s Center

Cantu Queer Center

The Cove

UCSC Mauna Kea Protectors

And others TBA