Book Talk with FMST/CRES Professor Marisol LeBron

April 06, 2022

Against Muerto Rico by Marisol LeBron

Feminist Studies and CRES-Critical Race & Ethnic Studies present a Book Talk to celebrate the publication of Professor Marisol LeBrón's latest book – Against Muerto Rico: Lessons from the Verano Boricua, in conversation with discussant Camilla Hawthorne (SOC/CRES). 

LeBrón approaches the 2019 Verano Boricua protests – the largest in Puerto’s Rico’s modern history, when the populace mobilized to force the resignation of governor Ricardo Rosselló – from a sociological standpoint, exploring what she considers the six most significant political lessons of the rebellion and the ongoing struggle against the forces of death in Puerto Rico: (1) the struggle must be intersectional; (2) the criollo elite are a murderous class; (3) debt is death, protest is life; (4) protests are sites of pleasure; (5) la policía ≠ el pueblo; and (6) the diaspora must be a part of the struggle for Puerto Rico’s future. 

THURSDAY, April 7 - 4:30-5:30pm PT - In person: HUM 1 rm. 210 / Or register for the virtual event here