A Conversation with Kris Perry

October 06, 2014

Kris Perry, a Merrill College alumna, was one of the key litigants in the Supreme Court ruling (Perry v. Schwarzenegger) to overturn California’s controversial proposition eight, the ban on same sex marriage.

This case was critical in paving the way for federal protection and social progress in one of the most fundamental struggles for justice and equal civil liberty for all Americans in modern history.

Please join us on Monday, October 13th, 12 pm for a presentation and discussion with, civil liberties champion, Kris Perry at Kresge TownHall. This event is proudly brought to you by: Staff Diversity Group (SDG) http:/sdg.ucsc.edu

In association with Kresge College, Cantu Queer Center, Office of Diversity Equity & Inclusion (ODEI), University Relations (Alumni Association) Politics/Legal Studies, Feminist Studies, Learning Technologies & Women Lawyers of Santa Cruz County