Work-in-Progress Talk with Caitlin Keliiaa - Unhealthy Regulations: Native Women's Health, Sexual Surveillance & Bodily Control

November 03, 2020


On November 16, Asssistant Professor Caitlin Keliiaa, one of our newest FMST faculty, will present a Work-in-Progress talk that looks at how Indian health and federal bodily regulation unfolded on native women domestic workers in the 20th century Bay Area. From reservations, Indian boarding schools, and later into outing homes, these women's lives were framed by control. Dr. Keliiaa's book manuscript - Unsettling Domesticity: Native Women's Health, Sexual Surveillance & Bodily Control - centers on native women's voices uncovered from federal archives, revealing both hyper regulation of native women's bodies and outright neglect. Dr. Keliiaa will bring two chapters of her book project for discussion.

Caitlin “Katie” Keliiaa is an Indigenous Feminist Historian focused on the interdisciplinary fields of Native American Studies, Labor Studies, and Feminist/Critical Race and Ethnic Studies. She earned her first M.A. in American Indian Studies at UCLA, her Ph.D. in Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley and most recently was a President’s Postdoctoral Fellow in UCSC’s History Department. She is Yerington Paiute and Washoe, and her tribal communities inform her scholarship.

Monday, November 16 - 1:00-2:30pm

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