BOOK TALK: Invited to Witness, with Professor Jenny Kelly

February 17, 2023

Congratulations to FMST/CRES Professor Jenny Kelly on the publication of her new book – Invited to Witness: Solidarity Tourism Across Occupied Palestine (Duke University Press). 

BOOK TALK - March 2 @ 4:30pm || HUM 1, room 210

Join us for cake and conversation as we celebrate Prof. Kelly's new book.
She will be joined by discussants Nick Mitchell (FMST/CRES) and Sophia Azeb (CRES). 

invited-to-witness,-kelly-cover-200x300.jpegInvited to Witness draws from participant observation of solidarity tours across
Palestine and interviews with guides, organizers, community members, and
tourists to explore what happens when tourism understands itself as solidarity
and solidarity functions through modalities of tourism. Kelly argues that solidarity tourism in Palestine functions as a fraught localized political strategy and an emergent industry, through which Palestinian organizers refashion conventional tourism by extending deliberately truncated invitations to visit Palestine and witness the effects of Israeli state practice on Palestinian land and lives. The book shows how
Palestinian organizers, under the constraints of military occupation, and in a context in which they do not control their borders or the historical narrative, wrest both the capacity to invite and, in Edward Said's words, "the permission to narrate" from Israeli control.