Amelia Jones: Activating the Feminist Body and the Curating of Feminist Art

April 01, 2012

TUESDAY, April 10th / 11am-1pm / Room 210 Humanities One

Sexual Politics coverThis paper takes off from a brief history of the curating of feminist art in the North American and European contexts. My aim is to think about the exhibition, and the feminist show in particular, as a junction between practice and theoretical thought, a place of intersection between art making, the writing of art history, and the positing of critical interventions in institutions. I propose to look at these interrelated questions by a two-part inquiry, looking at both a history of feminist curating and a small selection of practices that might, precisely by maintaining an openness to ever-shifting structures of sexual and gender difference, be impossible to “tame” fully through curatorial practice.

Amelia JonesThis is the final event organized according to the 2011-2012 MACS research theme Exhibitions and Performance.

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Co-sponsored by History of Consciousness, History of Art and Visual Culture, and Feminist Studies.