Abolition.Feminism.Now. — New book co-authored by Angela Davis and Gina Dent

January 25, 2022

abolition.feminism.now_book-cover.jpegAbolition.Feminism.Now. a new book by UCSC Professor Emerita Angela Davis and FMST Professor Gina Dent, with co-authors and fellow scholar activists Erica Meiners and Beth Richie was recently published by Haymarket Books and featured in conversation on Democracy Now.

As a politic and a practice, abolition increasingly shapes our political moment — halting the construction of new jails and propelling movements to divest from policing. Yet erased from this landscape are not only the central histories of feminist organizing — usually by queer, anti-capitalist, grassroots, and women of color — that continue to cultivate abolition, but a recognition of the stark reality: abolition is our best response to endemic forms of state and interpersonal gender and sexual violence. Amplifying the analysis and the theories of change generated from vibrant community-based organizing, Abolition. Feminism. Now. surfaces necessary historical genealogies, key internationalist learnings, and everyday practices to grow our collective and flourishing present and futures.

Angela Davis, Gina Dent and Beth Richie recently spoke with Democracy Now! about the new book and why the world needs Abolition. Feminism. Now. "As abolition becomes increasingly mainstream following the racial justice uprisings of 2020, the authors argue that feminism is at the root of the politics and practice of abolition, which they define as the elimination of carceral and interpersonal gender-based violence paired with social investments in more 'opportunities for freedom' and safety within communities." Listen to the conversation here