Nancy Lemon

Class of 1975

Nancy LemonI am happy to report that after graduating from UCSC in Women's Studies in 1975 (the first class), I went on to get a JD from Boalt Hall School of Law, UC Berkeley in 1980. I have focused on domestic violence legal issues ever since, have taught Domestic Violence Law at Boalt since 1988, wrote the first textbook on this topic, and direct the Domestic Violence Practicum there as well. I also work as a domestic violence expert witness in many types of cases, lead trainings on domestic violence, write, work on Ca. state legislation, etc.

My most recent project is co-founding the Family Violence Appellate Project with 2 of my law students and a former student. (See a great article at

We plan to appeal cases in which children from domestic violence homes are ordered by Ca. family courts into dangerous custody or visitation situations with their abusive parents.

Currently we are raising funds, and hope to start taking cases this fall. If anyone would like to help out, we would really appreciate your help! Go to for more info or to donate.