Lun Wang

Class of 2007

(Sara) Lun WangNews: I'm currently finishing my Masters in Social Work at San Jose State University in May 2012.  I work full-time as a House Manager at Gemma in Santa Cruz.  Gemma is a transitional program for women who are exiting Santa Cruz County's jails.  I love doing this work and I really enjoy watching these women change their lives and become leaders in our community.  Here's their website:

As a side project, I work in Alameda County Social Services where a dear colleague and I are working with the Assistant Agency Director to develop a pilot program for sexually exploited girls.  We are currently researching and identifying successful foster parents for these girls and are trying to develop a training program for agency social workers and service providers.  In the next few years I hope to open my own non-profit program in the Bay Area/Santa Cruz Area for sexually exploited girls, providing them with a long term program that can guide them through leaving "the life."

In this photo: Left to right: Maritza Tobo, Meggie Sprengel and Lun Wang.

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