Kathryn Alexander

Class of 2009

I'm in Montreal, Canada, working on a Master's in Library and Information Sciences degree (the official title is Maîtrise en sciences de l'information) at the University of Montreal. I am doing an internship at the two public libraries in the borough of Verdun, and with any luck should finish my degree by the end of April 2012. This is not a sure thing, however, due to the current student strike (against the proposed province-wide tuition hikes) which could extend the semester by a few weeks. I hope to stay and work in Canada for another couple of years, preferably at a city library. I currently have a job on campus running the language exchange/conversation partner program and over the summer I worked at a non-profit (le Conseil patronal de l'environnement du Québec/Quebec Business Council on the Environment), organizing their records. I am also involved with the University of Montreal's LGBTQ student association, l'Alternative.