Corinne Taylor Cyngiser

Class of 1996

Corinne Taylor-Cyngiser (Kresge, 1996) lives in Los Angeles with her Israeli husband whom she picked up in a bar during her junior year abroad.  They have two children and no cats.  She is a frequent guest on 30 Rock and is a senior writer for Comedy Central.  Just kidding (she doesn't even own a tv), but she does live in Los Angeles, she does like watching 30 Rock on Netflix, she is somewhat funny (at least that's what her friends tell her to humor her), and she's decided that it's egocentric to write in the third person... Feminist Studies continues to affect my everyday life and politics - from raising a son and daughter, to working as a parent educator, to serving on the board of Echo Parenting and Education - a fantastic resource for compassionate and mindful parenting - We're out to change the world! - Let the parenting revolution begin (or continue, at least)!  Check us out at  I also dabble in real estate and have decided that, after all these years renting, it's fun to be a landlord.  Is that unfeminist of me? - nah, girl (landlady) power!  Friends and other admirers can find me on Facebook, where you can also see pictures of what I did last summer (spoiler alert: it wasn't that exciting).  I wish I had a blog to link you to, but I'm just not that cool (yet).