PDF: FMST Graduate Courses 2013-14

Graduate Courses Offered by Feminist Studies Department Faculty
The three required courses (200, 201, and 202) will be taught annually by Feminist Studies faculty.  The timing of the other courses will vary.

FMST 200*          Feminist Theories
FMST 201*          Feminist Methodologies  
FMST 202*          Disciplining Knowledge
FMST 203            Feminist Pedagogies  (B. Aptheker)
FMST 204            Ways of Seeing and Hearing  (M. Ochoa)
FMST 207            Queer Globalizations and Racial Formations (A. Arondekar)
FMST 208            Social Science Research and Social Representation  (M. Ochoa)
FMST 211            Sexuality, Race, and Migration in the Americas (F. Schaeffer-Grabiel)
FMST 212            Feminist Theory and the Law (G. Dent)
FMST 214            Topics in Feminist Science Studies (K. Barad)
FMST 215            Postcolonial and Postsocialist Transnational Analytics (N. Atanasoski)
FMST 260            Black Feminist Reconstruction (B. Aptheker)
FMST 264            Idea of Africa (G. Dent)
FMST 268A         Science and Justice: Experiments in Collaboration (K. Barad)
FMST 268B         Science and Justice Research Seminar (K. Barad)
FMST 296*          Group Independent Study
FMST 297*          Independent Study
FMST 297F*        Collaborative Research and Advising (2 units)
FMST 298*          Group Dissertation Research
FMST 299*          Dissertation Research  

Graduate Courses Offered by Feminist Studies Affiliated Faculty  
The courses taught by the Affiliated Faculty will be reviewed annually by the Graduate Director in Feminist Studies and, in consultation with the Affiliated and FMST faculty, the Department will update and augment this list as new courses become available, older ones cease to be taught, and new faculty affiliate with the department, or retire from their own departments.  This has been the longstanding practice of the Feminist Studies Department since implementing the Designated Emphasis program in l992. 
ANTH 231     Intimacy and Affective Labor (M. Moodie)
ANTH 249     Ecological Discourses (A. Tsing)
ANTH 260     Anthropology of Freedom (M. Fernando)
FILM 226       Queer Theory and Global Film and Media (P. Limbrick)
FILM 284       Film, Culture, and Modernity (S. Stamp)
HAVC 245      Race and Representation (J. Gonzalez)         
HIS 204A        History of Gender Research Seminar  (M. Westerkamp)
HIS 205           Diaspora and World History (L. Haas)
HIS 215A        U.S. Labor and Working Class History (D. Frank)
HIS 221           Empires and New Nations in the Americas (L. Haas)
HIS 227           Gender and Colonialism (E. Honig)
HIS 230B        Engendering China (G. Hershatter)
HIS 230C        Readings in Twentieth Century China  (E. Honig)
HIS 244           Gender and Japanese History (N. Aso)
HISC 234A/B Social Movements in the 20th Century (B. Epstein)
HISC 250A/B Foundation in Science Studies (K. Barad/D. Haraway)
LALS 210       Latina Feminisms: Theory and Practice (P. Zavella)
LALS 215       Latina Cultural Studies: Transborder Feminist Imaginaries (R. Fregoso)
LALS/FMST 240 Culture and Politics of Human Rights (R. Fregoso)
LALS 242       Globalization, Transnationalism, and Gender in the Americas
   (P. Zavella/R. Fregoso)
LTSP 230        Citiscapes (N. Klahn)
LTWL 209      Topics in Cultural Studies (C. Freccero; V. Cooppan; N. Klahn)
MUSC 254K   Music, Gender, and Sexuality (T. Merchant)
POLI 204        Bodies in History (V. Seth)
PSYC/FMST 251 Feminist Theory and Social Psychology (A. Hurtado)
PSYC 254       Psychology of Gender (C. Leaper)
PSYC 256       Psychology of Social Class and Economic Justice (H. Bullock)
PSYC 264       Transnational Feminism, Development, and Psychology (S. Grabe)
SOCY 240       Inequality and Identity (D. Takagi)
SOCY 245      Feminist Theory (J. Bettie)
SOCY 249      Feminisms and Cultural Politics (J. Bettie)
SOCY 255      Engaging Cultural Studies (J. Bettie)
SOCY 264      Science, Technology, and Medicine (J. Reardon)
SOCY/FMST/BME 268A Science and Justice: Experiments in Collaboration
                                              (J. Reardon/K. Barad)
SOCY/FMST/BME 268B Science and Justice Research Seminar (J. Reardon/K. Barad