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Bad Jens, an Iranian Web site, hosts a feminist online magazine mainly addressing readers outside Iran. It is hoped to be a step towards improving links between activists/academics inside and outside the country. Seeing as intellectual and cultural exchanges between Iran and its neighbors are few and far between - especially regarding women's activities - they are particularly eager to reach readers in the Middle East.

Femina, was created in 1995, to provide women with a comprehensive searchable directory of links to female-friendly sites and information on the World Wide Web.

National Women's History Project. "History looks different when the contributions of women are included." This site contains information about events, conferences, publications, films and other resources related to women's history. Also includes links to other Web resources about women's history.

United Nations Women's Watch is a UN-sponsored site with global information on women, including information on the work of the United Nations entities and inter-governmental and treaty bodies that deal with the advancement and empowerment of women. Includes links to NGO internet sites on global women's issues, including women's human rights.

Women's Studies Programs, Departments and Research Centers is a listing of women's studies programs, departments, and research centers in and outside the U.S. (maintained by Joan Korenman).

University of Wisconsin's Women's Studies Librarian includes bibliographies, lists of women's organizations, and resources on women's studies courses. Links to hundreds of other women's studies-related Web sites.

Family Health International is a nonprofit organization committed to helping women and men have access to safe, effective, acceptable and affordable planning methods; preventing the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases; and improving the health of women and children. This Web site includes research on reproductive and family health around the world with an emphasis on developing countries.

Other Sites of Interest:

Center for Women and Information Technology

Media, Gender, and Identity

National Women's Studies Association

Women in Global Science and Technology

Women's Net (based in Africa)

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