What Can I Do with a Major in Feminist Studies?

Employment Opportunities for Feminist Studies Majors

With an understanding of racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, and other forms of oppression, graduates have a good background for work with policy making and lobbying organizations, research centers, trade and international associations, and unions. Graduates' knowledge about power relationships and injustice often leads them to choose careers in government and politics, because they are determined to use their skills to change the world, starting in their own communities. The interdisciplinary nature of feminist studies is also an excellent preparation for careers in education and librarianship that require expertise in finding and using information on contemporary social issues. Some Feminist Studies majors feel motivated to prepare to enter the medical professions, where their expanded insights and sensitivity to social concerns proves useful. Others have found that this degree is increasingly relevant and at the cutting edge in issues facing the legal profession.

Who employs Feminist Studies graduates?

Public sector organizations, particularly local government, civil service and health authorities, large companies which aim to increase the profile of women employees, educational organizations, health and welfare agencies, social services agencies and non-profit organizations.
What are some UCSC Feminist Studies graduates doing?


  • Financial Executive Search Recruiter
  • Bookstore Supplies Buyer
  • Co-Director, Common Earth Adventures for Women
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Spa/ Salon Coordinator
  • Office Manager
  • Administrative Aide to a Silicon Valley CEO

Social and Public Service

  • Director of Counseling Services
  • Rape Crisis Center Community Education Coordinator
  • UCLA Graduate Student - MPH Public Health
  • Women's Crisis Support Center Community Educator
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Girl Scouts, Program Development Director
  • AmeriCorps, Director of Training
  • Food Bank Program Manager


  • Magazine Freelance Writer/Researcher
  • Independent Film Maker/Producer
  • Editor
  • Self-Employed Film Publicist
  • Production Artist


  • High School Teacher/English Department Chairperson
  • Owner/director of a farm-based kindergarten
  • Case Manager, Community Service Agency
  • Assistant Director of a child care center
  • University Assistant Professor in Feminist Studies


  • Doctor
  • Community Health Outreach Worker
  • Health Services Project Administrator


  • Attorney, Consultant, Lecturer
  • Attorney and Instructor
  • Domestic Violence Victim Counselor

Some of the Marketable Skills of Feminist Studies Majors

  • Understand women's struggles, achievements, and contributions in past and present societies and across cultures from a feminist perspective
  • Knowledge of the conditions of women in various cultures and societies
  • Understanding of both the causes and consequences of women's subordination
  • Ability to evaluate empirical and normative theories of gender construction and inequality
  • Familiar with the strategies and organizational skills needed to address gender inequalities
  • Critical and analytical skills, creative approaches to problem solving, and the ability to articulate productive alternatives
  • Ability to identify and analyze gender-based assumptions and biases and to recognize their consequences on individual, social, and cultural levels
  • Analyze competing perspectives
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Oral, written and presentation skills
  • Co-operative teamwork skills

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