Feminist Studies Library

The Feminist Studies Library, is a non-circulating library that houses over 4,000 books, journals, and periodicals donated by Bettina Aptheker, Marge Frantz, the family of Lionel Cantú Jr., alums, and friends of Feminist Studies.

The Feminst Studies Library is located in Humanities 1 building, room 316, and open on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday each week (closed Wednesdays for department meetings).  During the academic year, you may come to room 416 to sign in and leave your book bag and we will open the library for your viewing and reading pleasure.

The UCSC McHenry Library has an excellent collection of women's studies and feminist studies materials, including books, videos, films, journals, newsletters and newspapers in many languages. 

For research support, contact the Arts and Humanities Research Support Team: artshumanities@library.ucsc.edu

Senior thesis and dissertation collections are located in the Feminist Studies Library.