PhD Student Directory

Krizia Puig

Summary of Expertise

Future/Technology Studies; Pain/Pleasure Studies; Performance Studies; Posthumanism(s); Trans Studies; Disability Studies; Ecocriticism(s); Spiritual Activisms; Transformative Pedagogies.

Research Interests

Future(s) of Love(s)/Sex; Outer Space Exploration/Colonization; Forestry; Exobiology.


Biography, Education and Training

Krizia Puig @kriziapuig (they/them) is a trans disabled queer migrant theorist/artivist born in Venezuela— who is a current Ph.D. student in Feminist Studies at UC Santa Cruz. Their work integrates future/technology studies, performance art, disability studies, trans studies, post-humanism(s), and ecocriticism(s) to theorize about and experiment with(in) the material and speculative intersections between the futures of love and the colonization of Mars. For more than fifteen years–while working as a college professor, workshop facilitator, and/or community organizer–Krizia has passionately focused on developing teaching methodologies that honor the equal value of our thoughts and feelings as ways of knowing. Currently, as the Program Coordinator of the Disability Resource Center at UCSC—they are centering on developing cultural programming, workshops, trainings, mentorship programs, and collective healing spaces focused on re-imagining notions of community/self-care.

Honors, Awards and Grants

***Selected Honors, Grants, and Awards

2018-2022 Cota-Robles Fellowship. University of California Santa Cruz, CA.

2018 Mellon IHR Grad Fellowship. University of California Santa Cruz, CA.

2018 Program Assessment Award. Student Learning Outcomes and Program Assessment Committee, in collaboration with the Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement. Critical Reading and Writing Skills: Development of Instructor Training Materials and Student Workshop. Department of Women's Studies. San Diego State University, CA.

2017 The Wertz/Carstens/Zimmerman Graduate Student Professional Development Fund. San Diego State University, CA. 2015-2017 Presidential Graduate Research Fellowship. San Diego State University, CA.

2013 Networks and Alliances Grant. The Odd Woman Project. Fondo de Mujeres del Sur. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2010 Espín, O. and Puig, K. Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues. American Psychological Association. Grant. Funding for a project focused on the use of theater as a tool to address trauma within immigrant communities.

Selected Presentations


2019 Puig, K. “The Trans/Alien Manifesto: Future Love(s), Sex-Tech, and My Efforts to  Re-member Your Embrace.” Gender, Bodies, and Technology Conference. "Technologics: Power & Resistance".  Virginia Tech. Roanoke, VA April 25-27.

2019 Puig, K. & Schlauderaff, S.Re-Examining the Borders Between Us: Regeneration, Symbiosis, and The Futures of Self Care—Society for Disability Studies Conference. "Emerging Disability Studies Perspective Ecologies of care and access on a world scale" Ohio State University. April 7, Columbus-Ohio.


2018 Puig, K. “Ode to Harmony’s Eyes: Erotic Robotics and The Mass Production of Lovable Machines.” National Women's Studies Association 2018. Just Imagine. Imagining Justice: Feminist visions of freedom, dream making and the radical politics of futures —Atlanta, GA. November 8-11, 2018.


2018 Puig, K. “My Big Fat Summer as a Skinny Hot Chick in Second Life”: Thinnest Pleasures/Avatarian Disruptions.” QGRAD: Altern-net Bodies: Fat/Crip/Queered Identities, Expressions, and Cyber Activism— University of California Los Angeles, CA. October 26th, 2018.


2018 Puig, K. “Affective Borderlands/Borderland Affects: Envisioning Future Formas de Querernos.” El Mundo Zurdo: An International Conference on the Life and Work of Gloria Anzaldúa —Trinity University, TX. May 17-19, 2018.

Selected Performances

***Selected Performing Arts Experience


Puig, K. & Schlauderaff, S. Painful knowledge/Knowledge In Pain: an Elegy/Offering. Performance presented at The Society for Disability Studies Conference. "Emerging Disability Studies Perspective Ecologies of care and access on a world scale" Ohio State University. April 7, Columbus-Ohio.


Performer/Director Queer Liberation Art Show—"Cuir Sudak Transpossesions and Other Magical Mutations/Work in Progress." The Brown Building. San Diego, CA. Jun 6, 2018


2018 Puig, K. Curator. Queer Provenir: Our Joy/A Revolution. A Performance by LGBTQIA+ Venezuelan Artist. Artists: Leonardo Van Schermbeek and Jefferson Quintana. Commissioned by The Bass: Miami Beach’s Contemporary Art Museum for the Miami Beach Pride Parade 2018. Miami, FL. April 8th, 2018. 

Teaching Interests

As a teacher, Krizia integrates feminist pedagogies, spiritual activism(s), plastic/performative arts, and new media to create empowering, engaging, and transformative learning experiences that involve the mind, the body, and the spirit.